The Mission of the Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association is to act in the interests of the members on issues such as limiting commercial development, reducing litter and crime, and retaining environmental quality.

Upcoming Events

• 7/9/22 GPANA Board Meeting via Zoom, 9:00 AM

(Our meetings are open to membership. If you would like to join the meeting, please email us at a week before for instructions on how to join with Zoom)

Reckless shooters arrested in our area

Reports of shooting were reported to the Sheriff's Department during the wee hours of May 9, 2022. Our president Denise Garland followed up for more info by contacting her contact at the Sheriff's Office, Jakob Nixon. Here is his response:

I did some looking and saw that we did respond to that area for a shots heard call. We were able to make contact with a vehicle in the area and arrested all five occupants for Reckless Discharge of a Firearm. They were shooting a .22 caliber rifle, ages were 19 to 25 years of age and all admitted to shooting the rifle into the hillside. From the call data it looks like two different homeowners called 911 to report the shots. You can tell the members to call 911 anytime they see something suspicious or out of place. We can’t catch anyone if we don’t know about it and the sooner they report something the greater the chance the suspects are still in the area. The reportees for this call gave a good location, a basic description of possible suspects and that it looked like they were in a vehicle. We were able to get the department airplane enroute to the area within three minutes of the call being reported. The airplane camera observed and recorded the suspects actually shooting the gun and then trying to leave the area when they heard the sirens of the deputies responding.

The important takeaway is that if you hear gunshots, immediately call 911. Like he says, they can't catch anyone if they don't know about it. And the sooner they know about it the better chance they have of catching the suspects. 

Check presented to Cooper Center in honor of Olivia Cajero Bedford
GPANA_Ck to Cooper in honor of Olivia_sml_bobsweeney.jpg

President Denise Garland presented a $500 check to Colin Waite, Director of the Cooper Center, in honor of the late Olivia Cajero Bedford at the Spring Membership Meeting. The check will help support the mission of the Cooper Center in bringing an appreciation of the desert to children of all ages living in the Tucson area. Olivia's family, seated in the front row, was present at the meeting. At the meeting Marie Light, hydrologist at Tucson Water, gave a presentation on water harvesting and more.

Click here for info: Watershed Management Group.

Click here for Rainwater Harvesting ideas

Click here for info on Buffelgrass

Why join GPANA?

A robust membership helps GPANA when it comes to dealing with the county on issues that affect our Gates Pass Area neighborhood. Numbers matter!

​Membership dues are $20 per household (maximum of 2 people) per calendar year. November is our Membership Month for the coming year though you are welcome to join at any time. Benefits include alerts on issues that concern our Gates Pass area, informative membership meetings twice a year, opportunities to help keep our area clean and beautiful and more. Click here to go to our JOIN page.

Did you know?

Our Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association is a voluntary affiliation. We are NOT a homeowners' association. Our GEOGRAPHICAL AREA OF INTEREST is all areas of the Tucson Mountains, and other preserves and park lands. Our primary focus is the area bordered by the Gates Pass Road summit on the west, Ironwood Hills Drive on the north, David Yetman Trail on the south, and Painted Hills Road on the east.

Tips to improve internet service in our area

GPANA president Denise Garland shares her experience on how she and her husband were able to improve internet service for their home on Tucson's westside:

Many of us have experienced unreliable and poor internet speed. Recently my husband and I researched new providers (other than what we had with CenturyLink). We settled on T-Mobile, which I am not telling you to go with, but instead I learned some tips to help you find an internet provider that is best for you. I am not an expert, but hope the information I am sharing will help. Please check out the following tips, and good luck!!

1. Make time to call multiple internet providers. Many of them do not have current information on their websites. We found that was the case with T-Mobile. When we called, despite the website saying they could not help us, they told us on the phone they could.

2. Ask the providers about how they give you internet. 5G towers are the best now. Ask about where the closest towers are (line of site) for your location. If you can't see the towers from your house you may not get a strong signal.

3. If you get a poor signal when you change providers ask about buying and installing an external antenna. Some providers will not be able to sell or install an external antenna, but we found that Wave Form makes a 2x2 Mimo External Panel Antenna. This antenna was a major project to install on our roof, but we now have AMAZING upload and download speeds.

4. Ask questions. If you don't get good customer service or a low price, move on to another company. It's a competitive, ever changing industry.

Denise Garland, President, GPANA