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Neighborhood Emergency Planning

BaRN stands for Building a Resilient Neighborhood. It's a plan that can be implemented by an HOA or a neighborhood to help ensure that neighbors are 'watched out for' in case of an emergency such as a power outage during extreme heat. This link: BaRN proposal, is an outline of what it would take to accomplish such a plan for your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch

Want to start or join a Watch group in your area? See below.

How to start a Neighborhood Watch Group
Stay up to date with local government

Here is a link to our Supervisor Adelita Grijalva's District 5 Newsletter and website.

Illegal Shooting

There is no shooting allowed near homes or in Tucson Mountain Park. One incident of a shot fired into a home has occurred. If you see or hear illegal shooting from a vehicle, safely try to get the license plate number and call 911 immediately. If you hear or see illegal shooters on foot, call 911 immediately to report. GPANA is working with the Pima County Parks Department to investigate and provide extra patrols in the area. Also, GPANA is working with the Pima County Parks Department to post educational signs in the area (step one in the process to reduce illegal shooting). Please email to let us know if you have illegal shooting happening in your area. 

Tucson Mountain Park Signage
Bobcats in Tucson Project

Members' videos are featured on the Bobcats in Tucson Research Project website under Bobcat Study and Resources: Videos and Slideshow page. Check it out! Click on "Morgan's" photo below.

Quality of Life Helpful Links

SeeClickFix is a very helpful app, (you will have to download the app to your Apple or Android phone), for reporting issues to Pima County. For example you can report graffiti, potholes, road kill, illegal dumping, signage problems, and more. Click here for information from Pima County.

Interstate 11 proposed to cut through Sonoran Desert

The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection has excellent information on the status of the proposal and what we can do to protest. Click here to see information and practical steps that can be taken to voice opposition.


The GPANA board will review and approve organizations that are in alignment with our Mission Statement and organizational standards. GPANA members are encouraged to support these organizations as they see fit. Members are also encouraged to bring to the Board any organizations for review so that they can be included here.

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