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More to come

Major properties are still in play in our Gates Pass Area neighborhoods. GPANA and our members are willing to work with owners if their plans are compatible with our area. We try to stay alert, informed, and ready for action!


  • Plans for the commercial property at the corner of Anklam Road and West Speedway are not known. Formerly Scordato's, then Evangelo's, then proposed for multi-story condos, which we defeated, this remainder of Neighborhood Activity Center (NAC) zoning sits empty. Both restaurants generated complaints from immediate neighbors regarding noise, traffic, lights, etc. When the Supervisors approved the Colonial Trails subdivision, more close neighbors were added into the mix. Both restaurants had bars, but were not licensed for take-out sales. Alcohol contributes to traffic issues on Gates Pass Road.


  • A take-out liquor license was defeated in 1999 for the southeast commercially zoned corner of West Speedway/Gates Pass Road and North Camino de Oeste. Since the Gateway Overlay Zone mandated that a commercial drive cannot open onto Speedway, this property hasn't generated much interest, but it is still open to commercial development.


  • The International Wildlife Museum on Gates Pass Road has seen opposition over various issues detailed in other parts of this site. The Safari Club International listed it for sale at one point in 2018. The Museum is not allowed to post signage, temporary or otherwise, in the Gates Pass Gateway Overlay Zone.


  • On the west side of Gates Pass, our neighbors are fighting the proposed routing of Highway 11 through the Avra Valley. If this route is selected, there would likely be a major increase in traffic through Gates Pass as crossings over the Tucson Mountains are limited. Plus, Gates Pass/West Speedway directly connects to the city center. Other proposed options include piggy-backing Hwy 11 on top of I-10 through the Tucson metro area. Hwy 11 is part of the CANAMEX Corridor from Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Going north, Tucson is the first location on the CANAMEX Corridor in the United States that provides a confluence of rail, air and highway. More info on Pima County and CANAMEX: Pima County Economic Development Plan Update through 2018


  • Rancho de las Lomas has been listed for sale for some time. There are many issues involved here. Unfortunately, the defeat of recent bond issues precluded the County offering to purchase part of the property for Open Space. Although eligible for historic designation and lower taxes, the family chose not to do this as it would limit options for potential buyers. Las Lomas has offered affordable rentals for many creative people over the years, but the buildings have deteriorated. Potential buyers may look into variances and/or rezonings.


  • Attempts to illegally build on Protected Peaks and Ridges will undoubtably continue. Dr. Moussa's property in the Enclaves subdivision is the latest dust-up and is currently in the court system.


  • Private properties that adjoin the public Parks or undeveloped private property sometimes intrude with wildcat trails, roads and out-buildings. Some of this is unintended as property lines are not always well-marked in our rural area.

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