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Beauty and hope in stormy weather: a shaft of rainbow frames saguaro cactus. Photo courtesy of Carolyn Leigh.

Thanks to GPANA members, our elected representatives, and the Pima County staff

who gave and give time to make all this happen...

GPANA and TMWNA Board Presidents:
William Saller, Roger Carpenter, Donald Uhlir, Keith Johnson, Joe Jablonski, Barbara Fleming, Gary Kordosky

GPANA and TMWNA Board members - past and present:
Mike Addis, Melisa Ambers, Bill Bracker, Olivia Cajero Bedford, Hector Campoy, Helene Cann, Judy Constantine, Janice Crowder-Torrez, Joan Darnell, Pat Darnell, Doris Evans, Denise Garland, Joanne Garry, Bruce Gungle, Ellie Hawkins, Richard "Pete" Hawkins, Michael Jones, Tony Knight, Carolyn Leigh, Diane Luety, Laural Park, Bob Smith, Jack Snider, Donna Snyder, Al Weigel, Patricia Wersal, Jim Wilson, Roger Wolf, John Zadrozny, Nancy Zeller (Please send us any names we inadvertently omitted.)

Contributing area elected officials - past and present:
Congressman Raúl Grijalva (formerly our District 5 Supervisor, Pima County Board of Supervisors), the late District 5 Supervisor Richard Elías, District 3 Supervisor Sharon Bronson and State Representative and Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford.

Pima County Staff and, since 1993, Pima County Administrator, Chuck Huckleberry, with whom we have a good working relationship - even when we disagree.