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Wildlife Neighbors, Tucson Mountains, Arizona

We are not alone in the Sonoran Desert. Our wildlife neighbors adapted to life in arid lands long before we arrived. We can learn from them and respect their right to continue to live in peace.

​Amphibians and reptiles of the Tucson Mountains, AZ
Birds of the Tucson Mountains, AZ
Mammals of the Tucson Mountains, AZ

Illegal Shooting

There is no shooting allowed near homes or in Tucson Mountain Park. One incident of a shot fired into a home has occurred so please stay alert. If you see illegal shooting from a vehicle occur, please safely get a license plate number, and call 9-1-1 immediately. If you hear illegal shooting occur or see illegal shooters on foot, please call 9-1-1 immediately to report it. GPANA is working with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department to investigate and provide extra patrol in the area. Also, GPANA is working with the Pima County Parks Department to post educational signs in the area (step one in the process to reduce illegal shooting).  Please email GPANASEC@gmail.com to let us know if you also currently have illegal shooting happening in your area.

Proposed Route for Interstate 11 to cut through Sonoran Desert

The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection has excellent information on the status of this proposal and what we can do to protest.  CLICK HERE TO SEE INFORMATION AND PRACTICAL STEPS THAT CAN BE TAKEN TO VOICE OPPOSITION

A Must Read for Locals and Pet Owners!

Arizona Native and Exotic Toxic Plants

GPANA Board member Tony Knight is a Veterinarian and Pima County Master Gardener. He shares with us an informative article he recently wrote for "The Plant Press," a publication of The Arizona Native Plant Society. Read it here!

Picture Rocks RV Resort Plans have been withdrawn

The property owner and applicant have WITHDRAWN their Comprehensive Plan amendment case (P21CA00004) for the RV Park at Picture Rocks Road and Tula Lane. Our President Denise Garland spoke at the public Community Meeting held in September to share views about the impact that a project like this, 200 RV spots in a residential area, could have. The attendees at the meeting were most appreciative. To read the letter of withdrawal, click here.

Additional Speed Limit Signs for Trails End: 

The board of directors met with Ana Olivares, director of transportation for Pima County, in early March, 2021. One of the issues discussed was speeding on Trails End Road. We asked for additional speed limit signs (35 MPH) and as a result, two will be added. With more people using Trails End for exercising, biking, dog walking, it's common courtesy for drivers to slow down and give pedestrians and cyclists some space. And minding the speed limit gives drivers a chance to brake for deer and other wildlife that can suddenly bolt across the road. We appreciate Pima County Transportation for following through with our request.

Arizona Native and Exotic Toxic Plants

GPANA Membership Survey

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Progress! "No Shooting" Signage posted in TMP

Multiple signs have been posted (9/17/20) within Tucson Mountain Park warning against the discharge of firearms. Yes, it's against the law but unfortunately, some folks have to be reminded. The signage was requested by the GPANA board and implemented by the Pima County Natural Resources Parks & Recreation.