Painted Hills Trails Are Open!
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Painted Hills Trail Map, Tucson, AZ

​Desert Tortoise News
Pima County's Office of Sustainability and Conservation has marked a number of desert tortoises in Tucson Mountain Park as part of a monitoring and conservation project. The tortoises are marked with a notch in the rear of the shell, and also have a number painted on it. If you happen to see one of these tortoises, please DO NOT handle it. It would be very helpful, however, if you could write down its number or take a picture of it, and send this info along with location data to Ian Murray: 
The tortoises that were marked were not near trails, so it's unlikely they'll be seen near trails or roads, but some may decide to wander.

PHOTO Above: Desert tortoise pauses feeding to check out what's coming. These mostly solitary tortoises of the Sonora Desert live on rocky hillsides. They utilize existing crevices and depressions for shelter. The population is limited by available sites. Photo courtesy of Roger Carpenter.

​Did you know?
Drones are illegal in ALL Pima County Parks and National Parks. In addition, they are considered aircraft and are not to be used to harass or take wildlife. Arizona and Federal law further prohibits flying a drone in a reckless manner and recommends calling law enforcement if needed.​

Photo courtesy of Roger Carpenter

​Car break-ins reported at Yetman Trailhead and at Feliz Paseos Park

As many as 6 cars were reportedly broken into on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 at the Yetman Trailhead. There were also recent car break-ins at Feliz Paseos Park.  Please be aware and don't leave valuables in your car while hiking. The Sheriff's Department was notified and reports made. As additional information comes in, we will update you.

Fall Road Cleanup and Feliz Paseos Park Cleanup a success 
Thanks to all who came out for the semi-annual road and park clean ups. Afterwards, the pot luck featured a very informative talk by Fernando Molina of the Tucson Water Department, so a big thank you to him for coming out on a Saturday to address our community's concerns about the future of Tucson's water. You can go to this link to learn more: