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GPANA Board Meeting May 11, 2019

Carolyn Leigh residence

1. Roll call - 9:30 am
    Board members present: Gary Kordosky, Melisa Ambers, Denise Garland, Donna Snyder,
    Mike Addis, Carolyn Leigh, John Zadrozny.  Absent: Tony Knight
    Guests: Roger Carpenter.

2. Minutes for 3.30.19 approved, sent to board members and GPANA community; posted on
    web site? Donna will post when she receives; GPANA members contact list updated (John).

3. Treasurer’s Report
    Denise provided a detailed record of expenditures. Current balance is $3690.71

4. Members Report
    Current membership: 271 Individuals; 152 Households. Melisa will update the recruitment

5. Old / Routine Business
a. Update on ‘Evangelos’ property - Peter Wilke (of Time Market) owns the property. (Melisa)
    - no new info; Melisa will continue to follow up to stay abreast of plans.

b. D & O insurance. (Mike) - A new quote was for $991.00. A lengthy discussion took place
    reviewing the coverage details and whether the insurance was needed. GPANA can still
    voice an opinion on a matter which is protected under free speech. John and Melisa were in
    favor of insurance and will continue to research. The majority of the board voted to not obtain
    insurance at this time.

c. Pay Pal to pay dues  (Donna) – Pay-pal is up and running; Info and instructions are on the
    GPANA website. Donna discussed some features and advantages of working with Google
    Drive - A communication subcommittee (Donna and Melisa) will be formed to facilitate its
    A request for any GPANA community members that are proficient with using Google Drive
    and are willing to help the board should contact the board at

d. Visit to Sheriff substation for our area. (Gary, John and Denise)  - Denise will call the
    sheriff on 5/13 to see about setting up an appointment regarding increased patrols, how
    GPANA can help the Sheriffs dept, etc;

e. Dos Picos update (127 acres for sale). Seller asked the county to buy the property. County
    not interested as there is no funding to purchase the property. The county will pay closing
    costs if the property was donated to the county.

f. Membership committee (Gary). No action planned for now.

6. New Business
a. GPANA bylaws - the GPANA officers have been meeting frequently and have been making
    edits; Denise provided a copy of edits for the board to review (send back to Denise by May
    24th). The bylaws will be sent to the membership for approval (this summer) and future vote.

b. Annual Budget (Denise) - Denise provided a printed, detailed 2019 budget with all present
    and future expenditures. By not purchasing insurance, GPANA will have a surplus of
    approximately $800.00 for the year. Raising dues to $20.00 was discussed and all voted in
    favor of raising dues from $10.00 to $20.00. Justification of increase included increased
    expenses of website and related costs, continued support for Camp Cooper, and good to
    have a surplus in the account. Annual expenses will be provided to the community.  Donna
    will adjust the amount on the website.

c. Master list of issues - communication subcommittee will review; keep board informed.

d. 2019 Activity Schedule for GPANA. (Denise) Denise provided a schedule of important
    dates and upcoming events.

e. Bike Ranch Resort Design Guidelines for resort in the buffer zone to Saguaro National
    Park East. Should the board take a stand? All of the present individuals agreed that it may
    set a precedence as the ranch does not seem appropriate for its planned location. The
    majority of the board voted in favor of taking a stand against the Bike Ranch; Mike and John
    abstained from the vote.

f. I-11 Routing - At the May 9th public meeting held at the Tucson Convention Center, most, if
    not all speakers were against this particular route.

g. GPANA logo sign (Melisa/John) - A colorful sign(s) identifying the Gates Pass Area and
    using the design Donna created for our logo/letterhead may be a benefit to this area and its
    residents. Melisa met with county officials as to sign requirements.

h. Speedway Road Improvement  (Camino De Oeste to Painted Hills Rd) -  the second
    meeting for the road widening has still not been scheduled by Pima Transportation. Denise
    and Roger will look into it.

i. New signs at Yetman Trailhead - John met with Parks/Rec representative; Two signs will be
   installed clarifying there is “No Overnight Parking - Park and Parking lot closed dusk to
   dawn”. This should make it easier for the Sheriffs department to enforce when called. A “No
   Parking Anytime” will be placed on the small turnout along the east side of the road just north
   of the parking area to facilitate passing and to avoid the frequent traffic gridlock.

8. Adjourn - 11:15 am;

Next GPANA Board Meeting to be held on July 20, 9:30 AM at the home of Donna Snyder, 1661 N Placita Tuberia.
Minutes approved by board and GPANA Board President Gary Kordosky (5.17.19)