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The GPANA Board of Directors has met during the first 3 months of 2021, via Zoom, with local officials: Adelita Grijalva, Supervisor, Vice Chair, District 5; Lt. Steven Carpenter, Pima County Sheriff's Department; Ana Olivares, Director, Pima County Department of Transportation; Commander Jason Monson, Correctional Officers Training Academy.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE SUMMARY.

On August 11, 2021, President Denise Garland and Secretary Donna Snyder met, via Zoom, with Chris Poirer, Deputy Director, Pima County Development Services. The focus of the meeting was to discuss Pima County code enforcement.  CLICK HERE FOR THE SUMMARY.

Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting on July 10, 2021, at the home of Denise Garland
The meeting started at 9:05 AM

1. Roll Call
Board members present: Denise Garland, President; Gary Kordosky, Vice President; Donna Snyder, Secretary; Gary Bruins, member; Tony Knight, member. Absent: Sue King, Treasurer. Dan Couch has resigned from the board effective immediately. No guests were present.

2. Old Business
A. County Boards and Commissions: Gary K
• Board of Adjustment District 5 meeting on July 8. Nothing to report.
• Planning and Zoning Commission, meets July 28. Nothing to report at this time.
• Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee. No meeting in July.
• Board of Supervisors Meeting on July 6. A long agenda. Rezoning requests under
consideration were all approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and all conform to
the Pima County Development Plan. Nothing that looks to be controversial.

B. Website and Social Media Update: Donna
Donna reported that we now have 38 members in our Facebook group. Member Colin Waite, director of Camp Cooper, and member Jerry Rowlette contribute on a regular basis. Jerry will be giving a talk on trail cams at our Fall General Membership Meeting in October. To pique your interest, you can view a video that he has made about trail cams on our Facebook page. Our website,, has been updated. The number of visits to the site in June of this year was 576.

C. Updates on current issues
• Enchanted Hills Wash Development: Denise — No new developments to report.
• County Lighting Ordinance: Denise — Nothing new to report.
• Speeding on Trails End Road and enforcement: Donna —Two additional Speed Limit signs
(35MPH) have been installed on Trails End Road. One by Camino Allenda on the north side of the road and one close to the exit at Trails End Estates on the south side. Gentle reminder to be considerate of pedestrians, cyclists, wildlife when driving all our local roads. Donna will send a note of thanks to Anna Olivares, Pima County Director of Transportation for the county’s prompt response on this issue.

• Illegal Shooting in Gates Pass: Denise— Denise reports while shooting incidents are down
along Gates Pass Road., incidents still happen about once a month.
• Mountain Gardens Neighborhood Issue: Denise — A neighborhood issue has the residents
in Mountain Gardens concerned. While GPANA cannot respond to specific neighborhood
issues and urges neighbors to use a mediation service, ordinances are being broken. This
brings up a larger question of advocating for change to county ordinances. Denise will reach
out to our County Supervisor for input.
• Los Lomas Property on Speedway becoming part of Tucson Mountain Park: Denise— The
property is 90+ acres and features stone cottages and guest quarters from the 1940’s. At this time, we have no further information except that the county is looking into ways to purchase the property.

D. Membership Numbers increased through Recruitment letters
A recruitment letter to families on the west side of Painted Hills Road and its side streets resulted in 7 new member families. Renewing and new members (5 families) joined from
Mountain Gardens after another recruitment letter campaign. Thanks to Gary Bruins and
Denise Garland for their efforts. Other neighborhoods are being considered to target with
recruitment letters.

E. Treasurer’s Report
As Sue King was unable to attend today’s meeting, Denise reported that we have $3,765.00 in our account at this time.

F. Security Gates in Gates Pass: Denise — Denise reports that Pima County Parks will
continue the practice of locking the gates within the park until the end of September at which time there will be an evaluation. Because this practice seems to have helped cut down on incidents within the park and along Gates Pass Road, GPANA will advocate for the practice to continue.

2. New Business
A. Illegal Signage in our Area

The use of the roadside for ads and signs continues though it’s minimal at this time. The
membership is reminded that the app SeeClickFix can be used to report more than potholes. You can report illegal signage by the roads, gravel on the roads, dead animals on the road. If you go to our website, you’ll find a link on our home page. You can also download the app to your cell phone.

B. Possible opposition letter to the City of Tucson regarding higher water rates. The
issue was tabled at the last city council meeting. GPANA will monitor any new developments.

C. Board Members. With the resignation of Dan Couch, the board is now at 6 members.
Discussion ensued on whether to try to replace Dan now or wait for the November election.
Recruitment for board members is starting and will continue, but at this point we do not
have a candidate to replace Dan.

D. Internet Service. The quality of internet service continues to be quite spotty in our area.
It all depends on exactly where you live. Blue Span has been recommended. Best to ask your neighbors or the app Nextdoor for recommendations.

E. Roadside/Park Cleanups and the Fall General Membership Meeting, October 16: The
fall membership meeting will be held at COTA on Trails End Road, 10AM on 10/16. Member
Jerry Rowlette will give a presentation on the use of trail cams. Jerry is an expert on the
subject and his work can be viewed on our Facebook page or on the Facebook Group
Backyard Wildlife of the Southwest. Note that at this time members are invited to bring their
own lunch to enjoy after the presentation. More details will follow.
Before the meeting we’ll be holding our first roadside clean up on Painted Hills Road at
8AM. This is in support of our new members from this area and we hope to have a great
turnout. We’ll meet at the Church of the Painted Hills parking lot and disperse from there.
Our clean up on Camino de Oeste and Feliz Paseos Park will happen on 10/23 at 8AM.
The board discussed the use of some folding signs that say “GPANA at Work” or something to that effect. Denise offered to investigate.

3. Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 11AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Snyder

• September 11, 2021: GPANA Board Meeting, 9AM at the home of Donna Snyder.
If you are interested in learning more about the board and what we do, we invite you to join
us at this meeting. Email us at for more information.
• October 16, 2021: Roadside Cleanup on Painted Hills Road at 8AM
• October 16, 2021: Fall Membership Meeting, at COTA on Trails End Road at 10AM
• October 23, 2021: Camino de Oeste and Feliz Paseos Park Cleanups: 8AM ​​