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The GPANA Board of Directors has met during the first 3 months of 2021, via Zoom, with local officials: Adelita Grijalva, Supervisor, Vice Chair, District 5; Lt. Steven Carpenter, Pima County Sheriff's Department; Ana Olivares, Director, Pima County Department of Transportation; Commander Jason Monson, Correctional Officers Training Academy.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE SUMMARY.

Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting on May,15, 2021, Zoom Meeting
The meeting started at 9:15 AM

1. Roll Call
Board members present: Denise Garland, President; Gary Kordosky, Vice President; Donna Snyder, Secretary; Sue King, Treasurer; Gary Bruins, Member. Absent: Members Dan Couch and Tony Knight. No guests were present.

2. Old Business
A. County Boards and Commissions: Gary K
• Board of Adjustment District 5, no May meeting. The June 19th meeting has one case.
• Planning and Zoning Commission, May 26. Cases presented all comply with the Pima County Comprehensive Plan and do not appear to affect our interests in the Gates Pass Area.
• Transportation Advisory Committee. No agenda yet for the meeting on May 26.
• Board of Supervisors Meeting: May 18th agenda shows 3 zoning cases with nothing out of the ordinary or that would affect our area.

B. Income Tax & GPANA Post Office Box, Annual Report Filings and Expenses: Sue
Sue reported that the Annual Report, Income Tax and Post Office Box documents and fees have been filed and paid. The PO Box fee for the current year is $134. Last year the fee was $106.

C. Website and Social Media Update: Donna
The website has been updated as of 5/12/21. Donna will take a look at how to rework the home page by placing the most current issues on that page rather than elsewhere on the site. Our Facebook group slowly grows. We have 35 members in the group. FYI, the group is public and one does not have to be a GPANA member to join.

D. Updates to Useful Telephone Numbers and Website: Donna
The Quick Links page, a listing of useful phone numbers and links, was updated on 5/12/21.

E. 36th Street/La Cholla Blvd Enchanted Hills Wash Development: Denise
The proposed high-density development adjacent to Tucson Mountain Park is still at issue. A proposal has been made by local residents to turn this area into a desert park. Signatures for this plan are being collected and will be presented to the Mayor and City Council. The board supports this effort.

F. Illegal Shooting in the Gates Pass Area Update: Denise
Unfortunately, this continues to be a problem. Denise reported that the Sheriff’s Department has been cooperative and responsive as they continue to collect casings and gather any security footage. Residents are urged to call 911 and report illegal shooting so that these incidents will go on record and be tracked.

G. Membership Numbers: Sue – see Treasurer’s Report below

H. Membership Recruitment: Gary B
Discussion took place regarding additional member recruitment efforts. It was decided that a second letter will be sent to addresses along Painted Hills Road and the surrounding streets. Gary and Denise will work together to plan reaching out to another community.

I. New Members from the Painted Hills Recruitment Letter: Sue
Sue reported that we have 6 new members from the initial recruitment letter sent to residents along Painted Hills Road and its intersecting streets.

J. Fall Roadside Cleanup Photos: Donna
A single photo was posted to our Facebook group. Donna reported that this is the easiest and quickest way to get photos public. It will be added to our library of photos and can be used for future publicity.

K. Treasurer’s Report: Sue

2. New Business
A. Feliz Paseos Park Cleanup
The park cleanup will take place on June 12, 2021. An early start of 7 AM is suggested due to heat. An email for signups will be sent 3 weeks ahead of the date.

B. Next GPANA Board Meeting will be held on July 10. After discussion it was decided to
start our in-person meetings again, the first to be held at Denise Garland’s.

C. Board Members not continuing next year to give notice by 8/1/21

D. How to handle a board vacancy? The bylaws will be consulted.

E. Fall General Membership Meeting in October: Discussion ensued on suggestions for a speaker, location and most importantly, food. Ideas were discussed and plans will be firmed up at the next meeting.

F. GPANA supports affiliated organizations: After discussion it was decided to keep supporting the organizations with which we currently align: Tucson Mountains Association, International Dark Sky Association; Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection, Cooper Center for Environmental Learning.

G. Roadside Cleanup for Painted Hills Road: After much discussion on the best way to incorporate the cleanup, it was decided that options should be put in writing for the board to review. At least 6-8 people would be needed for the cleanup. Would it be best to hold the cleanup on a date different from the normal roadside cleanup? Should it be held on the same date? Logistics need to be considered. All board members should think on this and make suggestions.

H. The 90+ acre Los Lomas Property on Speedway: While there is no ‘official’ news of any changes coming, rumors exist. Denise will follow up on one of those rumors and the board will continue to monitor any action.

3. Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Snyder

• June 12, 2021: GPANA Feliz Paseos Park Clean Up, 7 AM
• July 10, 2021: GPANA Board Meeting, 9:00 AM to be held at the home of Denise Garland
• Fall Membership Meeting in October of 2021​ ​​