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GPANA Board Meeting Minutes, November 2, 2019
Residence of Denise Garland and Mike Cardwell

1. Call to Order 9:35 am
Board members present: Melisa Ambers, Denise Garland, Donna Snyder, Carolyn Leigh, John Zadrozny. Melisa Ambers, GPANA Vice-President, chaired the meeting.

2. Dues payment process
The topic of due dates for GPANA membership was discussed. For now, GPANA membership will be from Jan 1 to December 31, with dues for the following year due by the prior December 31.
GPANA is moving towards online payments (such as Paypal on the GPANA website) as using an online method is more economical overall.* Dues may also be paid using the pre-stamped envelope members should be receiving this week for voting for GPANA Board members.
* Using the GPANA bank account, there is a limit to the number of transactions that can be processed in one month; there is no limit using Paypal; Using an online process will save the community money.
Members will be notified in January that dues were not received and they will be removed from the GPANA member list. Payment may be made after Jan 1 and members will be added, (though late-paying members will not be sent earlier correspondences that took place earlier in the year).
Note: members removed from the communication list due to nonpayment will be added back upon payment. Tracking paid and unpaid memberships for our volunteer board was difficult so the board streamlined the process. No members paid or unpaid are “lost” from our overall contact list should the need arise for a communication.

3. Final Call Board/Officers:
Board members reviewed if any potential candidates were running for board positions. It was noted with great appreciation that Al Gilpatrick has agreed to do our Spring and Fall Roadside Cleanup events.

4. Secretary vacancy/duties to fulfill:
Donna Snyder accepted to fulfill the position of Secretary for 2020. A discussion ensued regarding rotating secretarial duties and other responsibilities between board members.

5. Ballot/letter stuffing date/time options
Denise graciously will take care of all of this: Obtaining materials, printing, folding, stuffing and sending, which is usually done with the contribution of board members. It was mentioned again that dues can also be included with the ballot.

6. Staffing Board of Supervisors meeting 11/5:
Speedway Blvd. to become one-way Westbound at Camino de Oeste (Triangle at intersection). Gary Kordosky and Roger Carpenter planned on attending; a letter to the Board of Supervisors was also sent from the GPANA Board, supporting this action.

7. Final Bylaws
The final GPANA Bylaws (sent to all members) was approved by members, and was added to our website. Regarding voting: voting will take place online or by regular mail, not at general meetings as all members should have an opportunity to vote.

8. Website updates
Donna is continuing to maintain our website and adds new, updated info, links and applicable items. The GPANA website is nicely done, and projects a very positive and informative look at our community.

9. Liability Insurance Update
An update (with a handout of information) was provided by Denise, who met with Bruce and Yvonne Carper, who own American Family Insurance on Prince Rd, and also who have a legal background. It was deduced that the GPANA Board should continue to possess D&O insurance, as well as liability insurance. The GPANA Board will continue to look at competitive rates and reducing the premium if possible.

10. New draft contact list for board, and new draft events list for 2020 (Denise)
Discussion and updates for board and community member events. Denise provided a detailed handout of the 24 upcoming events from now to the end of 2020. The dates will be reviewed an approved by the board.

11. Treasurer's Report (Denise)
Denise provided a detailed handout of expenditures, and notified the board of a (minor) adjustment and correction of approx $38.00. The ending GPANA account balance per Wells Fargo is $2052.97.

12. Tracking Items, Issues and Concerns
1. Melisa is continuing to get updates regarding the Wilke/Evangelos property.
2. PIMA Parks and Recreation agreed to grade the .4 mile of dirt road on N. Camino De Oeste from the pavement to the Yetman Trailhead once a year, after the monsoon. This has yet to be done, and road surface is badly eroded. GPANA will revisit this issue in January 2020 if no action has taken place. The Yetman Trailhead and N.Camino De Oeste to the trailhead receives considerable traffic and visitors, and is increasing.
3. Road Improvement on Speedway - will the improvement include the section from Anklam to N. Camino De Oeste?  Would a private property issue prevent this? GPANA will look into or monitor.
4. The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection has a lot of interesting and important news and updates for our desert.  See

16. (sic) Adjourn 10:55 am
Minutes approved by GPANA Vice President Melisa Ambers on 11.13.19
Board of Directors
Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association