The beginnings of GPANA . . .

1988: Tucson Mountain West Neighborhood Association (TMWNA) Led by William F. Saller, volunteers formed a new neighborhood association centered around Via de los Suenos, Camino del Desierto, Trails End Road, and the associated neighborhoods on the east side of Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains. Bill served as president the first ten years. His first project prevented construction of a road to extend Camino del Desierto through undisturbed desert for a proposed apartment complex. Next, he and TMWNA thwarted a proposed housing development by means of a land swap between developers and Pima County. That acreage became part of Tucson Mountain Park. Later, the Association successfully requested that Watershed 4.b within the Trails End Wash Watershed be named Saller Wash in his honor.

1999: Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association (GPANA) Tucson Mountain West was renamed Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association to avoid confusion with the Tucson Mountains Association (TMA). GPANA is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization, focused on the area within Supervisorial District 5 roughly bounded by Gates Pass on the west, the David Yetman Trail to the south, Painted Hills to the east and Crestview to the north. We represent many households in subdivisions such as Mountainside, Saguaro Cliffs, Casas Colina Cabo, Sunset Hills and Vista de la Sierra de Dios. (The Tucson Mountains Association, founded in 1934, focuses on the whole of the Tucson Mountains. Many of our members belong to both.)

Native night-blooming cereus cactus blooms at daybreak, Gates Pass area, Tucson Mountains. Most of the year, the stick-like cactus is unnoticeable, but from late May to early July, each of its lovely, fragrant blooms opens for one night. Photo courtesy of Carolyn Leigh.

Native night-blooming cereus cactus blooms at daybreak, Gates Pass area, Tucson Mountains.

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