General Members Meeting March 30, 2019

1. Roll call: 11:10am (after road cleanup; Tony presentation)

Barb Fleming/Bob Peyser Residence

Board members present: Melisa Ambers, Denise Garland, Carolyn Leigh, Donna Snyder, Mike Addis, Gary Kordosky, Tony Knight, John Zadrozny.

A big thank you to Barb and Bob for hosting the Potluck at their home - just beautiful!

Tony Knight gave an outstanding, interesting and informative presentation on “Poisonous Plants of the Sonoran Desert”. t was hands on, entertaining and the info was extremely helpful. Thank you Tony!

2. Minutes approved (March 2019) approved via email by board, sent to community and posted on web site.

3. Treasurer’s Report (by Denise who also provided handout with detailed itemized expenses ie: taxes paid, required forms, GPANA business cards, gifts to outgoing board members etc). Current balance $4205.59 4.

Members Report (Denise) Current membership 127 households; several members dues are still pending.

5. Old / Routine Business

a. Update on Peter Wilke (Time Market) owned property. (Melisa)

Melisa met with Peter and provided a synopsis of his plans: The “Evangelos” location will be/have:

- full service restaurant and patio dining

- bicycle valet with mechanic available

- pizza oven; to-go meals

- carryout meals, including alcohol, though it was relayed that Peter will be very mindful of alcohol sales. Concerns brought up by members: Lighting, possible pests, noise, concern with alcohol sales. It was requested that Peter meet with GPANA to address concerns.

b. Insurance update (Mike)

The type of insurance for the GPANA board would be Directors and Officers insurance to protect the individuals from lawsuits that would threaten board members personal assets. Cost would be approx $800.00 for all board members. Obtaining insurance would be important as attorney fees could be upwards of 50 - 100K. A board member commented that the board should obtain the insurance, as not having insurance might hinder the board’s involvement in important issues that affect the community. All present approved a motion for the GPANA board to receive insurance.

c. Buffelgrass pull on Twin Peaks (John Z)

John commented that the BG on the peaks is thickening, spreading and taking over some portions. A request for assistance from community members, even if it access to portions of the peaks - the next pull would likely be in the fall when the weather is General Members Meeting March 30, 2019 cooler (and less chance of rattlesnake encounter). It was noted that the terrain is rocky and could be dangerous. An email to members would be sent at that time.

d. Updated laminated phone sheet for members.

We have updated phone numbers of government agencies and other things of interest on our website. (Thank you Donna!) At one time we passed out laminated sheets with these numbers, but the cost for this is difficult to justify. Donna supplied updated, bright yellow, non-laminated sheets of "Useful Telephone Numbers" at the meeting for those who were interested.

e. Speedway Road Construction

The construction on Speedway from Greasewood to Painted Hills is a city project that started in early April and will take about 2 months. The county project on Speedway from Painted Hills to Camino de Oeste has been delayed.

6. New Business

a. Membership committee - Barbara Jones has completed a map and we will make this available for members. Gary found it interesting to see where our members live and thinks it will be very useful as we try to expand our membership. Locations would be marked with a “pin” - no personal information.

b. Master Calendar

Denise has already compiled a list of future events to help in planning; A request for an addition member(s) to help compile a list would be appreciated.

c. Horse Corral on Trails End Road

GPANA has no standing in regards to initiating a complaint or lawsuit. Residence owners in the subdivision can challenge the installment if zoning violations occurred. A member mentioned anyone can file a complaint online with Pima county.

d. There is a ~127-acre parcel on Anklam Road across the road from Painted Hills Park for sale. We will encourage the board of supervisors to try to purchase this piece as it extends over the mountain to the south and this property would be a link from Painted Hills Park to Tucson Mountain Park. It was reported that the 3+ acre properties would need water from a well, and may not have it provided by Tucson Water.

e. Request for additional communication

A brief discussion led by Don about a program that allows neighborhoods to communicate easily and efficiently with respect to events in the particular neighborhood. Don was willing to explain the program again with the board to see if we are interested being involved.

f. Cooper Center Funding

GPANA has contributed funds to the Cooper Center by matching donations up to the first US$ 500.00. A motion was approved at the general meeting for GPANA to also match funds this year. Crowd funding is done in April and as soon as Gary receives the crowd funding information from The Cooper Center it will be forwarded to the community. Dean Bitney, said he would donate up to $ 500.00 to The Cooper Center as an additional match for members of GPANA. This generous match, along with the usual $500.00 GPANA match means a total match of up to 1000.00 could be granted to The Cooper Center if GPANA members donate $1000.00 . Mention that you are a GPANA member when donations are made, or inform the GPANA board at after a donation is made.
Thank you Dean. ​

7. Adjourn 11:45am

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