Draft Minutes Gates Pass Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
September 22, 2018 at home of Donna Snyder
Donna and Bob are thanked for their hospitality.

Call to order 9:47 a.m.
1.  Roll call — Donna Snyder, Gary Kordosky, Hector Campoy, Jim Wilson, Tony Knight are present.  A quorum exists.
2.  Guests — Judith Meyer, Board Member from Tucson Mountain Association, is present and thanked by GPANA for her attendance.
3.  Motion to approve Minutes of previous board meeting of 7/14/18 is made, seconded and passed by acclamation.
4.  Treasurer’s Report — Balance of GPANA account as of 9-11-2018: $3,611.72
5.  Membership Report — our membership roll is stable

6.  Old Business
a.  Notification for low-density zoning: nothing new to report
b.  Evangelos — Welcome letter sent to owner with no response yet received.
c.   As noted in last meeting’s Minutes, low flying drones are considered aircraft per the Az Game and Fish and ‘shall not be used to harass wildlife or assist in the taking of wildlife’. Drone use is also prohibited in ALL Pima County Parks.
k.  Speaker for Pot Luck.  Tucson Water Public Information Officer Fernando Molina has agreed to update us on water issues.
We are still seeking a venue for our potluck.

7.  New Business
a.  Budget for GPANA. A brief discussion on our longterm view of our finances with a reminder to consider acquiring liability insurance for the organization.
b.  Recognizing member Roger Carpenter for outstanding service: Upon motion, and after heated debate, GPANA passed a Motion for a $50 gift certificate to Roger for the Mosaic Cafe.
c.  Email address changes for GPANA members are to be processed through our membership chair.
d.  The triangle intersection of Speedway, Gates Pass Road and Camino de Oeste – GPANA will send a delegation to meet with a County Road/Transportation Engineer to discuss the issue. Gary will lead and appoint this Ad Hoc group.
e.  Candidates for the GPANA Board – three replacements will be needed for our upcoming November election as Jim Wilson, Janice Crowder and Hector Campoy have submitted their resignations at the end of the current term.  Gary is to do outreach along with Jim to recruit candidates.
f.  The Board acknowledges the outstanding public service, commitment and care afforded to our District and its neighborhoods by Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford.  Her vigilance and diligence have been appreciated by GPANA throughout the years.
g.  Judith Meyers of TMA advised the Board regarding the former Luz Academy development in the area of Silverbell & Goret - the proposed project is called Via Elegante. The owner is  building a 100 bed assisted living center and wishes to develop an adjacent 24 acre parcel for 150 rental units. TMA has identified the area as an important wildlife corridor. TMA is actively opposed to this 24 acre development along with the proposed ‘take out’ food service that is part of the plan.
h.  Burglaries since last meeting- 1700 block of N Camino Allende on 9/20 & 3000   Block N Camino de Oeste on 7/27.   

8. Adjourn: 11:25 a.m.
Next meeting:  10/27/18 at Potluck