1/27/2021: Adelita Grijalva, Supervisor, Vice Chair, District 5
• She is a born and bred Tucsonan, educated through TUSD schools and the University of Arizona. 
• Adelita expressed her love for the Sonoran Desert and the open space of the West side which aligns with our mission of preserving and protecting our piece of the Sonoran Desert.
• Her focus for the last 27 years has been the welfare of Tucson's youth. She was the director of Pima County Teen Court, a Juvenile Court diversion program, a program she had worked with for nearly 25 years. 
• You can read more here https://www.adelitasgrijalva.com/about
Also: This is a link to her video summations of Board of Supervisors Meetings https://www.adelitasgrijalva.com/videos. It's a great way to keep on top of things going on in Tucson and in our immediate area.  

2/19/2021: Lt. Steven Carpenter, Pima County Sheriff's Department:
• He has lived in the NW Tucson area for 30 years and has worked for the Sheriff's Department for 26 years. 
• He is the Second Line Supervisor for the Foothills District replacing Lt. Jason Dowdy. 
• Past assignments include SWAT, K-9, Honor Guard Training and Violent Crimes. 
• Staffing of the Sheriff’s Department is at 81% 
• He encourages residents to call 9-1-1 should anyone hear or witness gunshots or find fresh shell casings. He told us about casings being put into the NIBIN (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network) database in an effort to connect illegal shooting with other crimes in our area. 
• Locking the gates at Gates Pass parking areas and at Feliz Paseos has helped to reduce criminal activity.
• Deputies may ask for security camera footage if a crime happens in your immediate area. They can harvest Ring doorbell video should you be the victim of a crime and have video. 
• On issues of speeding and road conditions Lt. Carpenter suggested speaking with Ana Olivares of the Transportation Department.

3/2/2021: Ana Olivares, Director, Pima County Department of Transportation
• Annabelle Valenzuela, DOT Support Services was also present on the Zoom call.
• Director Olivares reports that the roadwork on Speedway should be completed by mid-summer. Delays have been caused by the moving of utilities.
• Once work is completed on Speedway there’s concern that speeding will increase. The sheriff’s department will be charged to enforce the speed limit.
• With Old Tucson being closed, there are less accidents in our area, though they seem to be more severe. 
• When asked about cars vs cyclists on Camino de Oeste, she told us that there are no plans to widen the road. There have been close calls when motorists choose to pass cyclists on a hill by crossing a double yellow line without a view of oncoming traffic. 
• When asked about Painted Hills Road being used as an alternate route due to the work on Speedway, she said she would ask DOT crews to be mindful of the speed limits as it is an issue for residents.
• She encouraged residents to use the app “See-Click-Fix” to report potholes and other roadway problems. There is a link to that app on our website.
• Gary Kordosky suggested the DOT look into a specific chemical to add to asphalt to extend durability.

3/4/2021: Commander Jason Monson, Correctional Officers Training Academy on Trails End Road
• Jason Monson has been the COTA Commander for the last 8 months. 
• He has lived in Tucson for 45 years and presently lives on the westside.
• He went through the academy with Lt. Steve Carpenter.
• Jason went to our website to learn about who we are and what issues we care about.
• He informed us that he and Lt. Carpenter have talked about the shootings that have been plaguing our area, especially along Gates Pass Road. The Academy is going to provide a mini sub-station for the sheriff’s department to help facilitate an increased police presence. Officers will be able to use the building for making reports, to make use of the restrooms, be physically closer and thus be able to respond more quickly to any incidents in our area.
• Cadets are not allowed to carry firearms, even in their cars.
• The Academy is very strict with their cadets.
• Regarding COVID, the Academy has been very diligent and safety measures are a high priority. There have been 13 confirmed cases in the last year. Bringing prisoners in for training purposes and for maintenance has been suspended.
• The Academy is aware of the Dark Skies mandate and is complying.

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