Minutes – Board Meeting January 19, 2019 – Denise Garland Residence

1. Election Results for 2019 GPANA board
Gary Kordosky - President
John Zadrozny - Secretary
Mike Addis
Melisa Ambers - Vice President (see addendum 7a.2)
Denise Garland - Treasurer (see addendum 7a.1)
Tony Knight
Carolyn Leigh
Donna Snyder

2. Roll call
Board members: All above present
Guests: Roger Carpenter, Janice Crowder-Torrez

3. Approve minutes of last board meeting -- Approved, with approved decision to post on GPANA website.

4. Treasurer’s Report December
December Balance: $3,871.72
Current balance: $4123.60
[checks were written for envelopes, ballots, postage]
Membership dues will be for a period of one year only, not two.

5. Members Report
A. Current membership - 101 returns; some still coming in.
Denise volunteered to take care of GPANA membership responsibilities. A discussion followed of whether to include a general map of the GPANA area - the board will continue to discuss this.

6. Old Business
a. Feliz Paseos Park cleanup December 15, 9:00 am went well. We had a good turnout and spent about 45 minutes picking up a relatively small amount of trash. Hector Campoy has been running the ‘clean the park’ effort for years; Tony Knight agreed to take over this responsibility. (General communication with GPANA board, community and Pima County; dog waste bag station monitored and filled).
(GPANA needs to clean the park four times a year to maintain its ‘adopted park’ status)
Key contact: Current contact is retiring so future correspondence for Feliz Paseos should go to the Park Manager – Mark Brosseau at Mark.Brosseau@pima.gov / phone # 724-5187.
Road Cleanup - Mike Addis will continue to oversee this responsibility.

b. Restaurant (Evangelos) access Peter Wilke (owner of Time Market on Third St), queried Colonial Trails Re: gaining restaurant parking access through one of the streets in their gated community. Access was denied.

7. New Business
a. GPANA needs two officers, a vice president and a treasurer. Janice will continue to assist the GPANA board as Acting Treasurer until another person accepts the position. Janice also offered to assist the new person with the treasurer's responsibilities. The treasurers information is now extremely well organized.
The board currently has 8 members; the GPANA bylaws state the board can have 9; Another person interested in the above positions may contact the board. Gary will send out a request for a treasurer to the GPANA community.
Addendum 7a.1: as of Saturday, January 26, 2019 Janice Crowder-Torez gave up the role of treasurer, key to postbox and financial documents to GPANA Board member Denise Garland, whom accepted the position of Treasurer for the GPANA board.
Addendum 7a.2: as of Saturday, January 26, 2019 GPANA Board member Melisa Ambers accepted the position of Vice President for the GPANA board

b. Car break-ins at Yetman Trailhead. There have been no additional thefts or vandalism that we are aware of.

c. Buffelgrass on Twin Peaks: John spoke of the increase of BG on Twin Peaks and is willing to organize people to pull BG in this area. A separate correspondence will go out to the GPANA community.

d. Buffelgrass at Cooper Center: A BG pull is scheduled on Feb 9 and 10. A separate correspondence will go out to the GPANA community.

e. Events in our area - Carolyn spoke of the Art Walks, Art Trails, Open Studios etc, valuable opportunities for our community. Gary will send a notice to GPANA of these areas of interest.

f. Hunting in Tucson Mountain Park/Homeowner awareness: Please visit the following link to the Pima Parks and Recreation website to see a map of the “TMP Archery Closure Zones” and areas available for hunting in the Tucson Mt Park in the GPANA area - notice that there are several areas in the Tucson Mountain Park (typically adjoining private property) that are CLOSED to hunting.

g. North Camino De Oeste/Yetman Trailhead safety access and safety concern: This increasingly popular location also is suffering from traffic/gridlock issues. There is little room to pass or turn around, and the injury on the trailhead on January 9 that resulted in 4 full-size fire trucks and a minimum of 11 assist vehicles arriving. This caused a tie-up and prevention of ingress/egress for homeowners and first responders. The board will write a letter to both Pima County Parks and Rec and ADOT documenting and
stating this safety concern.

h. Email Approval of Board minutes: The board agreed that the final copy of the board minutes can be approved by email.

i. One-Way traffic request; excessive vegetation: The board would still like to see the short section of Speedway/N. Alta Vista (triangle) that terminates at N. Camino De Oeste be only ONE WAY traveling west. The two way traffic creates a safety concern as eastbound drivers on this short section cannot easily see what is coming from over their shoulder as they try to enter Speedway. Several board members are monitoring and/or attempting to discuss this situation with Pima County. At the stop sign traveling south at N. CDO and Speedway, some excessive vegetation is blocking the view of oncoming cars traveling on Speedway - we will look into improving the safety of this area.

j. Communication requests to be sent to GPANA community by Secretary: Also email info to the board’s email account gpanasec@gmail.com at the same time.

8. Adjourn - 11:32 am - (next meeting March 9, 2019)

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