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GPANA Board Meeting Snapshot 7/14/18

Save the Date: 10/27/18 - GPANA Semi-annual potluck brunch. Please volunteer to host our next gathering. If you are interested or willing please contact us at:

Zoning /Neighborhood Updates
Evangelos Property (Anklam/Speedway)
The property has been sold and is being developed as a new restaurant. GPANA will be contacting the new owner to establish a relationship. More info to follow!

County zoning petitions require that ‘legal notice’ be given to property owners who are within 1000’ of the area proposed for change. Member Roger Carpenter discovered that notice is only given to a 300’ radius in variances. Roger and Board Member Mike Addis met with Supervisor Elias who was initially supportive to make the required notice consistent for both requests at 1000’ in low density areas such as ours. Supervisor Elias will to follow through with what might be a fairly involved process to modify the County Code.

GPANA has recently reenergized its partnerships with both the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection (CSDP) and the Tucson Mountain Association. We anticipate joining strategies and efforts regarding any attempts to rezone Las Lomas or any other significant changes to our area caused by the I-10 Bypass. The CSDP was instrumental in the County’s creation of its Sonoran Desert Protection Plan and in the purchase of the Painted Hills land.


Crime/Residential Burglary Update
We live in a very safe area by comparison and reputation. In the past three months, three residential burglaries have been reported in three distinct neighborhoods. Remain aware and take some simple steps to avoid burglaries- make sure your newspapers and mail are held during vacation and let your neighbors know to keep an eye open in your absence. For suspicious behavior that is not an emergency, call the Sheriff at 351-4900

We appreciate concerned members contacting us with information or suggestions, such as:

  • Postal theft - to avoid and to not alert would be burglars to your absence, make sure your mailbox remains closed after the mail is delivered. If you see a neighbor’s mailbox that is open, close it.
  • Gun shots - if you hear gunshots, immediately call 911. The Sheriff will attempt to stop vehicles that are shooting from cars, but needs prompt info about when and where the shots were fired in order to map and locate the shooters. The Sheriff may also attempt to locate shell casings for fingerprints and gun i.d.

Wildlife Sightings
We’ve seen an increase in deer, javelina and other wildlife coming closer to our homes, no doubt related to the drought. Not surprisingly, mountain lions have followed their prey and have been spotted in our neighborhoods. While in the vast majority of instances, there is no threat to our safety, our pets can beat risk and we must maintain awareness and common sense practices to insure our safety and that of our pets.

We hope to see you 10/27 at our clean-up and GPANA potluck brunch!