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Minutes - Board Meeting March 9, 2019 - Denise Garland Residence

1. Roll call
Board members present: Denise Garland, Melisa Ambers, Donna Snyder, Carolyn Leigh, Tony Knight, Gary Kordosky, John Zadrozny
Absent: Mike Addis

2. Approve minutes of last board meeting. An Email approval process to expedite the information to the GPANA community is being developed.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Since taking over as Treasurer in January 2019, Denise has further refined and organized several facets, services and items of GPANA’s financial system and reporting.  Denise provided info on deposits, withdrawals, scheduling of tax payments, and saved GPANA some dollars by having a bank fee reversed. Current balance is $4382.72

4. Members Report - (Denise) A current list of GPANA members is being compiled and a general map (no specific info) is being developed to give people a sense of the area GPANA encompasses and serves. Approximately 10% of the areas’ households are members of GPANA (128 individual households).

5. Old / Routine Business:
a. Spring road cleanup and Feliz Paseos Park cleanup and Pot Luck-March 30, 2019 – 8am at Trails End Road/N. CMO de Oeste. Bring gloves, sturdy shoes and a pick-up stick/tongs if possible.

Pot Luck at Barbara Fleming home 846 N. Camino de Oeste Tucson, AZ 85745 at 10 am.

Our board and community member Tony Knight, an author and expert on poisonous plants, will be giving a short talk about poisonous (primarily Sonoran Desert) plants at out potluck.

b. Update on Peter Wilke (Time Market) owned property “Evangelos Restaurant” on Speedway. Melisa has been attempting to speak with Peter on his future plans at the Evangelos location. Communication attempts are ongoing.

c. Liability insurance update (Mike via Gary) - The GPANA board is considering liability insurance for its board members, as is typical of other neighborhood and/or community organizations. The board is currently asking for quotes and coverage specifics. There are two types of insurance to be considered.  One is D & O insurance (D & O being I assume directors and officers) and the other is liability insurance meant to cover us if we do damage to property will lease or rent and perhaps some other things.  Mike Addis thinks we will need the D&O insurance not necessarily the liability insurance.  The cost for either policy runs at about $800 dollars for everyone on the board.  We have one quote and are getting a second quote.

d. Buffelgrass pull at Cooper Center netted 40 large trash bags.

e. Buffelgrass pull on Twin Peaks - John is continuing to pursue contacts and logistics. Some members of the Mountainside Drive neighborhood bordering Tucson Mountain Park have expressed interest in pulling BG in that area.

f. Parting gifts for Hector, Jim and Janice  - As traditionally done for other board members that have retired from their positions, a $50 gift card will be presented to each. The many hours of service dedicated to our community is tremendously appreciated.

g. Important and useful phone numbers for members will be added to our GPANA website:  (ie: elected officials, hunting violations, light pollution/dark sky violations, illegal dumping, Park vandalism etc)

h. Pay Pal to pay dues -  We are researching how to this as well as any costs involved.

6. New Business

a. Membership committee (Denise, Barbara Jones and Gary) met at Barbara Jones home. Denise is updating membership; Barbara is planning how to show where GPANA members live (no names) on a map of our area of interest; the committee has developed a letter of introduction to give to people considering joining GPANA.

b. Suspicious cars in the area - some information and documentation of interactions have been shared between members; it is best to contact Sheriff. Gary and John plan on contacting/rebuilding relationship with new deputies and Sheriff dept members to promote better communication and security for the GPANA area.

c. 6 to 12 month GPANA upcoming events - Denise will propose dates.

d. Name badges for board members to wear at official GPANA events - Denise is looking into price options

e. Destructive trespassing/blocked access to homes - have reportedly occurred recently in Camino de Oeste Wash and in the Yetman TH area. Though a trail easement exists on the east side of the Camino De Oeste Wash in our area south to the Yetman Trailhead, there have been reports of trespassing, conflict and vandalism to private property in the wash area just north of Speedway. Land that is not included in the easement is private property and visitors pass through at the courtesy of the owners.
Vehicles have also blocked access to homeowners’ access to their own driveways in the Yetman trailhead area. Please respect private property, and if possible, encourage others to respect the properties, peace and rights of all our residents.

f. ADOT I-11 Corridor - Several GPANA board and community members plan on staying aware  of any plans or changes to the proposed route in the Tucson/West Tucson-Avra Valley area, as any route west of the Tucson Mountains may have an adverse effect on traffic flow and density in the GPANA area.

 8. Adjourn - 11:30am

The next board meeting will be May 11, 2019 at the guest house of Carolyn Leigh at 9:30 AM