GPANA Board Meeting Minutes - December 01, 2018 

Residence of Gary Kordosky.

1. Call to Order - Roll Call 9:35 am: by Board President Gary K.
Present: Gary Kordosky, Hector Campoy, John Zadrozny, Carolyn Leigh, Donna Snyder, Mike Addis, Tony Knight, Janice Crowder-Torrez, Jim Wilson
Guests: Melissa Ambers and Roger Carpenter

2. Approve minutes of October Board Meeting 
All in favor, as well as posting on the GPANA website.

3. Treasurers Report
Current Balance $3,611.72 in account.
There was a clarification (because of a listing on one of the forms GPANA submits to AZ Corp Com) that GPANA is a neighborhood association and not a ‘homeowners’ association.

4. Members Report
Current Membership - 152 households, approx 10% of households in the area. Jim stated the mailing that includes the 2019 ballot and the GPANA membership renewal would be sent on Dec 5, 2018.

The board unanimously agreed to use a one-year membership at $10.00.

The GPANA Board will be losing Hector, Janice and Jim at the end of Dec 18; these members have provided an invaluable service to assist our community by generously providing countless hours of expertise and dedication.
Melissa Ambers expressed interest in joining the GPANA board.

5. Old Business
a. Feliz Paseos Park Cleanup - December 15, 9 am for board members. Hector addressed the malfunctioning gate with Pima County and this has been resolved.

b. Janice (Treasurer) stated that the treasurer’s info is now well organized and discussed several of the important AZ Corporation Commission form filing deadlines, business accounts.

6. New Business
a. Liability insurance for the board suggested by Hector; New board to take this up in 2019.
b. Car Break-ins at Yetman Trailhead: The sheriff is aware of the problem though people should be careful when they park and not leave valuables visible; some GPANA board members are interested in contacting and meeting with the Sheriffs department to create a closer working relationship which should provide a better measure of security and response. Report suspicious activity to the Sheriffs Department.
c. The new (2019) GPANA board will have to find a solution to the lack of candidates for the Vice President and Treasurer - the board will discuss and attempt to remedy at first board meeting in Jan 2019. Board election and member renewal will be in mail shortly.
d. Wisdom and suggestions from exiting board members…
Hector – grow the membership, try to get new people on the board
Jim – keep active, talk to neighbors about joining the GPANA
Janice - pay particular attention to the instructions for filing paper work with the state. Send completed paper work in the time period the state gives. Do not be early or late with paperwork, if not problems will be had.
e. Speedway paving improvement project The county engineering group will hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss the Speedway paving improvement project. We have been told that the federal money for the safety improvements to Speedway cannot be used to improve this intersection and that the county has to consider such improvements as a new project. So at the neighborhood meeting the board will ask what we need to do to get the county to consider a project to improve the intersection of Speedway, Camino de Oeste and Gates Pass Road.

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